Your schedule for the day

9:00am–5:30pm, Friday November 1, 2019
Te Papa Wellington



Arrive before 9am to pick up your nametag and swag bag and mingle at Te Papa.



Find your seat and get ready for a great day of talks.


Michael Dowse

What my toddler taught me about abstraction

Key lessons I've learned from observing my daughter Charlie as she spends her days trying to understand how the world works.


Rose Lu

Meet me behind the bike shed 🚲

Once you put something in the world, you cannot control how the message changes for different people, or throughout time. This talk is about communication in general, rather than just bikeshedding.


Morning tea break

Stretch your legs, and have a snack and some coffee.


Lena Plaksina

Just my type: things I learned from writing my own programming language

I think that programming languages are not merely (or even mainly) a technical facility, but rather a social one, and want to draw on my experience of laying the foundations of my own Open Source programming language to hopefully convince you of the same!


Julian Doherty

Cool Functional Tricks In Ruby

We'll have a look at some of the lesser known functional programming approaches you can use in Ruby.


Jack Purvis

Visor: Creative Coding Live Visuals in Ruby


Lunch break

Enjoy a catered lunch at Te Papa.


Julianna Roen

Gusto & Xero: 4 Offices, 2 Countries, 1 Massive Payroll Integration.

I'll share my journey of being part of this wild project and seeing it through from end to end.


Nick Johnstone

Your Browser on Ruby

This talk is about my quest to bring Ruby to the browser via WebAssembly. In it, I will introduce WebAssembly in a beginner-friendly way and explore the idea of alternative frontend languages, and walk through what's involved in making that a reality.


Afternoon tea break

Stretch your legs and have a snack.


Shaun O'Connell & Sophie Price

FEDUP at Flick

How flick is replacing the 'move fast and break things' mindset with one built on pattern libraries, high-quality code, and a passion for design systems.


Eumir Gaspar

CRAYGO: Clean Ruby As You Go

This talk is all about improving and cleaning up your legacy code base and eventually pay off all (if not most) of your technical debts.


Pete Nicholls

Ethics-Driven Development

In the months since the Christchurch mosque attacks, I've been trying to understand how hate groups spread online, and what role those of us who build technology can and should do. This talk is a summary of what I’ve learned and what actions we can take about it.


After party

Come across the wharf to St Johns Bar for the after party.

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