Nick Johnstone

Your Browser on Ruby

This talk is about my quest to bring Ruby to the browser via WebAssembly. In it, I will introduce WebAssembly in a beginner-friendly way and explore the idea of alternative frontend languages, and walk through what's involved in making that a reality.

About Nick Johnstone

I love making stuff with computers, especially tools that help other people express themselves, understand or improve the world.

I'm always interested in learning more about what we can achieve with computers, and I love sharing that knowledge around.When I'm not doing that, I enjoy cycling, video games, playing the piano poorly and going for walks.

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Loyalty specialise in the clever use of data to help Kiwi businesses know more about their customers. Loyalty NZ is best known for the Fly Buys programme, New Zealand’s most loved loyalty programme.

Trineo uses Ruby to build world-class app ecosystems on Heroku. Our mission is to work in service of people and the planet. We hope you enjoy Kiwi Ruby!

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Flux is a software platform that makes it easier for you to run your energy retail business end-to-end while unlocking opportunities to innovate.

Boost are a team of technology professionals designing and building web and mobile apps from our office in central Wellington.

Flick Electric Co. is the electricity retailer giving Kiwis power over their power. We’re bringing honesty and transparency to an industry in serious need of a good shake-up.


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