Rose Lu

Meet me behind the bike shed 🚲

Once you put something in the world, you cannot control how the message changes for different people, or throughout time. This talk is about communication in general, rather than just bikeshedding.

About Rose Lu

Rose Lu started her career as a mechatronics engineer working with embedded systems. She made the switch to Ruby in 2014 and has been happily tapping away at web applications and microservices ever since. Currently she is a Technical Lead at Flick Electric, working on building customer facing tools and hiring new developers.

Last year she gained her masters in creative writing and her debut essay collection 'All Who Live on Islands' is being published in November 2019. She loves to eat, especially Chinese food, and is always down for a good meal. Ask her about dumplings - the word “dumpling” in English refers to a style of food rather than a specific dish i.e. hargow, perogi, suimai, so be prepared to know your specific dumpling!!!!!!

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